About Us

          In the jewelry business 90% of companies have unreasonably high prices and low quality products. The jewelry industry marks up their prices significantly high because of the word "Jewelry". They assume that jewelry is expensive but will not even provide a decent quality product, and that is why Custom&Gold was created. 

          Custom&Gold's purpose in the jewelry industry is to provide the best quality products with the best pricing over all the other jewelry stores. We offer outstanding customer service, and a 14 day money back guarantee if the product is not as it was described or defective (which rarely happens!). We also offer free shipping on all our products world wide. 

          We only offer the highest quality products in our collection, including custom made name necklaces in different styles and fonts! Our top-tier necklace collections, anklets and our famous Custom&Gold sets will make amazing gifts for your loved ones!

If there are any concerns about any of the products that we offer you can contact us at support@customandgold.com or you can send us a direct message on our official Instagram account @customandgold.

Thank you, and happy customizing!

The Custom&Gold Team